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CFNM Waiter


The CFNM Restaurant episode

Tina, Julie and Cindy were just wrapping up a fantastic dinner and finishing dessert when Julie kind of noticed a bulge while staring at the waiter. Tina challenged her to just reach out and grab it after flirting with him openlly. Cindy, a CFNM enthusiast, was not shy at all and just went for it. Much to the disapointment of one of the other patrons, it did not stop there.

They offered the sexy waiter a two hundred dollar tip if he were to whip out his cock and lap dance for them. He declined the generous offer, but these were not the type of women who take no for an answer.

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CFNM Stewardess


The Mile High CFNM Club

Mr. Banterman was taking yet another long flight on his private jet. The flight attendants were looking really hot in those tight skirts and fishnet stockings.

Mr. Banterman enjoyed harrasing the hired help. One day, they got fed up with his antics and decided to teach him a CFNM lesson. They ripped off his clothes to make fun of his tiny cock. Much to their surprise, he had a big dick so they decided to take turns sucking on it. They made him eat their pussies and then took turns getting their cunts pounded. They then milked him of all his semen.

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CFNM Dancers


CFNM dudes arrested and searched

Today Ramond and his pal went into the bathroom on college campus to smoke a joint when somehow two female officers came in and arrested them. Before you knew it the ladies had these two CFNM Amateurs in custody and were pulling up their records to see who these dudes really were.

To the officers surprise no records were found and they were gonna have to write hours of tedious paperwork. So the women came up with a fun plan. They decided to give the guys two choices; go to jail or let the ladies have A CFNM session with them.

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CFNM Games


Private CFNM Blowjob lessons

Janet is a teaching her pals a fun class in oral sex today. They start off by picking up some long and wide vegetables to simulate some good sized cock.

After she demonstrates some of her favorite techniques for the girls, she brings in her sexy CFNM assistant. The girls go crazy when they see his large dick and each take turns practicing their blowjob skills on him. These girls go at it until they become real CFNM cocksucking experts.

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